Conference Venue and Travel Information

Financial Cryptography and Data Security 2013

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Seventeenth International Conference
April 1–5, 2013
Bankoku Shinryokan
Busena Terrace Beach Resort
Okinawa, Japan


Conference Venue

FC'13 will be held at Bankoku Shinryokan and Busena Terrace Beach Resort, Okinawa, Japan.

Travel Information

Getting to Okinawa

Naha Airport is the only international airport in Okinawa. There is no direct flights from Europe and United States (except Guam) to Naha Airport. There are direct flights from Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Seoul, Taipei, Taichung, and Guam.

Connection flights are available from several international airports in Japan: Tokyo (Narita International Airport [NRT], Haneda Airport [HND]), Osaka (Kansai International Airport [KIX])

For oversea travellers, there is a special program called Visit Japan Fare for JAL and ANA, and also to OneWorld and StarAlliance flyers. For more information, consult here.

LLC such as Jetstar, Peach, and Air Asia offer some low fares from Narita and Kansai to Naha, which may not appear in many fare search engines.


From Naha Airport to the Venue

From Naha Airport to Shinryokan or The Busena Terrace, you can either take a limousine bus or Taxi (approx. 13000yen, 75 minutes when using highway).

On Sunday March 31st, we will run a free shuttle from Naha airport to the venue, leaving the airport at 11:30, 15:00, 18:30 and 22:00. There will be a JTB person helping you out at the airport, domestic terminal.

The meeting place for the shuttle is in front of the aquarium, near the exit A at arrival lobby (Map). The JTB person will take you to the bus at 11:25, 14:55, 18:25 and 19:55.

Timetable of freeshuttle on March 31th only
Naha Airport
The Busena Terrace
11:30 13:00
15:00 16:30
18:30 20:00
22:00 23:30

In March, there are 7 Basho buses per day. that takes you to the venue daily (2150yen, 2hrs). From April, there will be 2 Basho buses and 3 Gettou buses instead (1900yen, 2hrs for Basho and 1.5hrs for Gettou).

The timetable of Basho Limousine bus and Gettou Limousine bus will be as follows:

Timetable of Limousine buses
Bus Number Naha Airport The Busena Terrace
In March
Basho 1 11:00 12:54
Basho 3 12:00 13:54
Basho 5 13:00 14:54
Basho 7 14:00 15:54
Basho 9 15:00 16:54
Basho 11 16:30 18:24
Basho 13 18:00 19:54
In April
Gettou 1 10:30 12:00
Gettou 3 12:30 14:00
Basho 1 14:30 16:30
Gettou 5 15:45 17:15
Basho 3 17:30 19:30

Basho and Gettou buses depart from Naha Domestic terminal, at bus stop 12. If you arrive at Naha International terminal, the domestic terminal is two minutes walk to your right. If you get off at Busena Terrace Beach Resort, the venue, Bankoku Shinryokan is then a 2-minute walk.

Tickets for the limousine bus can be bought at the Naha airport.

If you are a hotel guest, Busena Terrace Beach Resort will pick you up at the airport for the price of 14000 yen, when you request them upon reserving.

Alternative choice is to rent a car. The Orix Rental Car operates near Naha airport (098-851-0543, 08:00-20:00), and also at the Busena Terrace (0980-53-5058, 09:00-17:00)

From the Venue to Naha Airport

The timetable of Basho Limousine bus and Gettou Limousine bus in April will be as follows:

Timetable of Limousine buses
Bus Number The Busena Terrace Naha Airport
Gettou 2 8:06 9:45
Gettou 4 9:36 11:15
Basho 2 10:36 12:57
Gettou 6 12:56 14:35
Basho 4 14:06 16:27

The tickets for Basho and Gettou buses can be bought at the Busena Terrace.

On Friday April 5th, we will also have a free shuttle to the airport, leaving the hotel at 13:45 and 17:30 (Time subject to change.) and arrives at the Naha airport in 90 minutes.

Timetable of free shuttle on April 5th only
The Busena Terrace Naha Airport
13:45 15:15
17:30 19:00


Visa Information

If you require an official invitation letter for visa application please send e-mail to as instructed below.

The request mail should include "a scanned copy of your passport (the page of your photo and passport number)" and "a letter of endorsement" signed by an appropriate representative of your affiliation.

The endorsement letter should include your full name, title and affiliation, work address, phone and fax number and email address. If you have attended past IACR conferences or workshops, let us know the conference name and year, too.

FC'13 committee will only issue a letter of invitation after authors have paid their registration fee and provided the requested information.

Please visit the webpage of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan or contact the nearest Japanese embassy in your country for more details.



This conference is organized annually by the International Financial Cryptography Association.